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16 April 2009 @ 05:17 pm
man do i feel old  
do you remember when wireless internet didn't exist? when "fast connection" was just regular old dial-up? When people's phone lines would be busy for hours because they were using the internet, and there was no way to call them because no one had cell phones?

These days, it's almost odd when people AREN'T signed into AOL instant messenger 24/7. I just remembered my freshman year in college.. I used to set up a special tone for when certain people would sign on because I wanted to talk to them. Usually, boys. And as soon as I was alerted that they had signed on, I would sit and wait, and see if they would IM me before signing off. This tended to be an extremely stressful process. Sometimes I would wait a few days before even seeing their screen name signed on. And if the person didn't IM me before signing off... just devastating. Usually I would just give in and be the one to IM the person. But it was SOOOO exciting when that person would IM me first.

It's funny cuz I totally forgot all about this until today when I signed into my old AIM name. Normally I use iChat with my mac. But I'm avoiding talking to certain people right now. Oh, hiding on the internets....