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12 August 2008 @ 02:11 am
Reality TV  
I love my reality TV. I'm finally secure enough to proudly make this statement. Some of my favorite shows include:

Brooke Knows Best
Even though I heard the horrible clip of Brooke's reasons for not wanting a female president, I still really like the chick. When I watch her show, I feel like she's actually being herself. I kind of want to be her friend. I also am pretty amused by her relationship with her father. I think it's pretty cute. I feel slightly bad for her female roommate on the show though. You can tell she's good friends with the gay dude but she pretty much ignores the female roomy. Also, Brooke's singing- not so good. But nonetheless, I'm a fan of hers and her show. I also like that although she's in shape, she is not anorexic. Gotta represent the normal bodies out there.

Big Brother
Yes, I am aware that this pic is of Dr. Will the winner from BB season 2. He will forever be my favorite player. However, we're up to season 10 and CBS has managed to keep the LOLs coming. I miss Haley, my BB partner in crime. But I know she is just a Yahoo message away. For now. Until we live together.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
Kathy Griffin ownes my heart. I find her absolutely hilarious and would totally go gay for her. I'd fucking pay her all my money so I could be on Team Griffin. I chose this specific pic because... well, Waz's appearance on her show this season has been astoundingly funny. I mean, his dorkiness is so off the charts. And I love how Kathy doesn't let him get away with it. She totally calls him out on everything. Last season I cried when Kathy's father passed away. This season, I've noticed that her mother has aged A LOT. It's very sad. I feel like her parents are my parents. If anyone out there reading this knows Kathy, please hook me up. K thanks.

I Love Money
The reason why I Love Money is so great is because it takes all the drama and ridiculousness from VH1s dating shows and leaves out the lame dating part. I never gave a shit about who was going to win a date with Bret. I just loved the drama. So VH1 pulled through with yet another great reality tv show. I'm also slightly in love with the host, Craig J. Jackson, who totally keeps it real. Did anyone watch the episode where the green team (I think) was in the vault and Mr. Boston was physically trying to keep from getting his check put in the box? LOL at the end of the episode when they show his check all mangled and looking like hell. The next episode Craig was like, I'm staying in this vault because I don't want anyone to die.

In conclusion:

A pic of my sleepy puppy.