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08 March 2010 @ 12:38 am
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16 April 2009 @ 05:17 pm
do you remember when wireless internet didn't exist? when "fast connection" was just regular old dial-up? When people's phone lines would be busy for hours because they were using the internet, and there was no way to call them because no one had cell phones?

These days, it's almost odd when people AREN'T signed into AOL instant messenger 24/7. I just remembered my freshman year in college.. I used to set up a special tone for when certain people would sign on because I wanted to talk to them. Usually, boys. And as soon as I was alerted that they had signed on, I would sit and wait, and see if they would IM me before signing off. This tended to be an extremely stressful process. Sometimes I would wait a few days before even seeing their screen name signed on. And if the person didn't IM me before signing off... just devastating. Usually I would just give in and be the one to IM the person. But it was SOOOO exciting when that person would IM me first.

It's funny cuz I totally forgot all about this until today when I signed into my old AIM name. Normally I use iChat with my mac. But I'm avoiding talking to certain people right now. Oh, hiding on the internets....
21 March 2009 @ 10:33 pm
... i used to post at least once a day?
i'd have to look thru my blog to see when that stopped, but i'd guess it was sometime during senior year?

... i used to be single?
i've been dating steve for over 6 months. that is by far the longest relationship i've ever been in. i have nothing to really compare it to. so in that sense, things are going well. i almost wish i had a frame of refernce to know what i should be expecting. sometimes i think my expectations are too large and sometimes i think i don't expect enough... i know, i know, every relationship is different. but still.

my baby and me

... i used to have plans every day?
since i graduated college, i have lived my life with no true commitments in this world. looked for a job. failed. finally decided to go to law school. which starts in august. but until then, i've got nothing. except my parents constantly asking me what i'm doing with my life until law school. there are only so many more days i can put off their questions. i need to actually find a way to be productive.

ok, that's it for my "remember when" segment.

i'm going to start updating this at least 3 times a week. but my major goal is to write every day. even if it's a few sentences. just to get back into the swing of things. i miss having my thoughts typed out in front of me. it's fun to look through archives of crazy things i've done or said.

27 December 2008 @ 04:20 am
2008 Survey

something you did you hadn't done before: took the LSATs, graduated from college

someone close to you who got married: my cousin got engaged

Someone close to you who died: thank god no one this year

countries you visited: mexico

what do you want next year that you didn't have this year: someone who cares as much about me as i do about him

dates from 2008 you will remember: May- graduated from Vandy. Sept 12- first met steve

biggest achievement: planning my future and working on making my life better/healthier

biggest failure: putting myself in dangerous situations and not really caring

illness or injury: my knee

best thing you bought: plane ticket to Utah

where most of your money went: food alcohol and gas

what you got really really excited about: bosco

songs that will remind you of 2008: Ashlee Simpson- Pieces of me

what you wish you'd done more of: reading

what you wish you'd done less of: feeling depressed

fall in love in 2008: i plead the 5th

one night stands: we don't like to talk about my past lol

favorite tv shows: seinfeld, anything online

best book you read: n/a

great musical discovery: Britney's comeback

what you wanted and got: a boyfriend

what you wanted and didn't get: i plead the 5th

favorite film: elf

what you did on your birthday and how old you turned: 22 celebrated in cancun

political issue that stirred you: abortion issue

who you missed: nashville kids. haley

best new person you met: bosco
07 December 2008 @ 06:35 pm
it's kind of lulzy to read my last post because i wrote it mere hours before meeting my current boyfriend. i ended up going to a party in south jersey and meeting the sweetest guy ever. we've been dating for almost 3 months... surreal.

no one reads this anymore. i'm not really tempted to even post anything.
12 September 2008 @ 07:22 pm
I'm calling complete and total BS on the new livejournal ads at the top of this page. I've been an LJ member for about 6 years and this is the first time it's mandatory to have ads on your page. That really fucking sucks. The ads are obnoxious and make the site look cheaper. Such sell-outs.


Everyone has a different definition of the term "hooking up". There are probably some more standard ones like:
1. kissing or more
2. oral or more
3. sex

Because the term "hooking up" is used universally, you'd think society as a whole would eventually be able to settle on one exact definition for this term instead of leaving it up to each individual who uses the word. Especially because misunderstanding someone's definition can lead to much confusion/shock/outrage/hilarity. There is SUCH a huge difference between saying you just made out with a dude and you fucked him.

I've always used the definition of making out or more. Which makes the definition very broad but I feel like just saying "oh, we made out for a while" doesn't do your situation justice. It deserves a better term than something so juvenile as "making out".

Whenever someone says "we hooked up" my very first question back is always "wait, how do you define hooking up?"

I suppose as long as we all recognize the fact that there is no real definition to the word, it's ok. I feel like definitions tend to be based on sexual experience (or lack thereof), age, sex, and location
. All of my friends from high school have the same definition as me. But in college my friends made fun of me for having such a "young definition".

and on that note, i'm on my way to a party

02 September 2008 @ 07:30 am
Things Worth Discussing
1. Zack's girly voice. wtf.
2. Issac is now the most attractive one??? never saw that coming.
3. They're all married. and Taylor has 3 kids. *jaw drops*
4. Taylor looks oddly like Will Friedle (Boy Meets World)


TAYLOR                                                  WILL

do you agree???

As I cannot figure out how to embed shit, go here to see Hanson in an interview

01 September 2008 @ 06:53 pm
oh man. i'd like to think every experience is a learning experience. at least i hope so. because if not, why the fuck do i have to go through certain things?

i hate when people question me. or call me a liar. or think they know what happened when they don't. probs one of my biggest pet peeves. got it? good.
27 August 2008 @ 11:04 pm
This weekend was a CRAZY weekend, for sure. I went to a party in Poughkeepsie, NY and then went to Fulton, NY for some quality time with Bryan, where we went to the zoo and the new york state fair.

The Party
So I first went to Mike's house for a party. I got there Friday night and stayed until late Saturday afternoon. Highlights included:
  • hanging out with Perna and WiggieWig (aka Andrew)
  • falling asleep in my chair. waking up to a drunk mike yelling about someone spilling beer on his keyboard.
  • going to the infamous strip club
  • listening to gary talk about what it's like to live next to mike
  • getting the "behind the scenes" tour of mike's place
  • watching mike and george fight. no homo? haha

The Zoo
I then drove to Fulton, NY to visit Bryan. First we went to the zoo. Highlights included:
  • it was hot as mofo balls that day
  • the head penguin with the mohawk that looked like it was about to pass out and topple into the water
  • the elephant show

The New York State Fair

We also went to the New York State Fair. Um, it's like absolutely huge and people come from all over the country

12 August 2008 @ 02:11 am
I love my reality TV. I'm finally secure enough to proudly make this statement. Some of my favorite shows include:

Brooke Knows Best
Even though I heard the horrible clip of Brooke's reasons for not wanting a female president, I still really like the chick. When I watch her show, I feel like she's actually being herself. I kind of want to be her friend. I also am pretty amused by her relationship with her father. I think it's pretty cute. I feel slightly bad for her female roommate on the show though. You can tell she's good friends with the gay dude but she pretty much ignores the female roomy. Also, Brooke's singing- not so good. But nonetheless, I'm a fan of hers and her show. I also like that although she's in shape, she is not anorexic. Gotta represent the normal bodies out there.

Big Brother
Yes, I am aware that this pic is of Dr. Will the winner from BB season 2. He will forever be my favorite player. However, we're up to season 10 and CBS has managed to keep the LOLs coming. I miss Haley, my BB partner in crime. But I know she is just a Yahoo message away. For now. Until we live together.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
Kathy Griffin ownes my heart. I find her absolutely hilarious and would totally go gay for her. I'd fucking pay her all my money so I could be on Team Griffin. I chose this specific pic because... well, Waz's appearance on her show this season has been astoundingly funny. I mean, his dorkiness is so off the charts. And I love how Kathy doesn't let him get away with it. She totally calls him out on everything. Last season I cried when Kathy's father passed away. This season, I've noticed that her mother has aged A LOT. It's very sad. I feel like her parents are my parents. If anyone out there reading this knows Kathy, please hook me up. K thanks.

I Love Money
The reason why I Love Money is so great is because it takes all the drama and ridiculousness from VH1s dating shows and leaves out the lame dating part. I never gave a shit about who was going to win a date with Bret. I just loved the drama. So VH1 pulled through with yet another great reality tv show. I'm also slightly in love with the host, Craig J. Jackson, who totally keeps it real. Did anyone watch the episode where the green team (I think) was in the vault and Mr. Boston was physically trying to keep from getting his check put in the box? LOL at the end of the episode when they show his check all mangled and looking like hell. The next episode Craig was like, I'm staying in this vault because I don't want anyone to die.

In conclusion:

A pic of my sleepy puppy.